Celebrating the 10th anniversary of its foundation in 2011, hg.hu was the first online newspaper for architecture and design on Hungarian web – and is still the most popular in its kind. Growing distinctly in reader-numbers and special themes, hg.hu became an important link between creative professionals and curious users. Since January 2010, hg.hu is the partner of Index.hu, one of the biggest online newspapers in Hungary.

By creating hg.hu Design Award and this website our main goal is to offer a broad and qualitative selection of the freshest projects by Hungarian designers for curious readers, investors and professionals, both from Hungary and abroad. We believe that this project serves not only the cooperation between creatives, but also a better connection between professionals and the public.

Hg.hu Design Award was founded by the publisher of hg.hu, Ombrello Media. We would like to underline the fact that for re-enforcing the status of the creative arts and crafts in Hungary there is a growing need of private initiatives. Also, it is important to notice, that at the moment there is no public institute in Hungary with the aim of representing contemporary Hungarian design in its full spectrum, on a permanent exhibition.