Manooi Personal Universe Collection

Janos Heder - Manooi


The world of Personal Universe was inspired by direct personal experiences. As a child I wanted to be an astronomer, and later I was completely amazed by the clear, bright sky at night during my adventures int he desert. In Ciel I formulated the space experience; which is when you travel int he Universe along the Milky Way, which runs from horizon to horizon, surrounded by stars, which sparkle in the perfectly deep black sky.

The chandeliers are exclusively produced based on Manooi's design plans. Manually polished stainless steel frames and high-quality fibreglass synthetic resin surfaces are applied during the construction of each piece. Only crystals with the best quality in the world can be used during the production of Manooi crystals. Real elegance is reflected by top-quality details, such as the technique of threading every single crystal piece with the highest amount of attention and love possible. Every crystal chandelier is assembled with manufactural methods in Manooi's own workshop. The company offers personal solutions for unique projects. The chandeliers' 3-D models, which can be immediately used during the design process, are provided for architects and interior designers.

The Manooi was established by designers János Héder and Judit Zoltai, and they have been managing the Studio together ever since. As an architect and interior designer, János is Manooi's leading designer. The Manooi Light Creations designs and produces crystal chandeliers with a unique design, combining classic materials with the most up-to-date solutions, looking for clear, eternal forms and innovative technologies. Our team, which consists of designers, architects and technicians, is able to produce commercial products and realise unique ideas as well, and they are continuously working on creating unique pieces of art always with the highest standard.