Cinematique Eyewear

Zachary Tipton Milaskey


Tipton Eyeworks has created a line of eyewear which incorporates the use of 8, 16 and 35mm film strips. The Cinematique line is a combination of cellulose acetate, stainless steel and film. When these materials are combined, a product is created that remains in the spirit of Tipton Eyeworks: to make eyewear using recycled material.

Film is collected from all over the world, much of it vintage. The largest part of our film collection is black and white 16mm film. Topics range from communist era news (USSR, East German, Yugoslavian, etc…), Soviet space missions, nature and art films, scientific features and erotic films. Many of the digitalized copies can be viewed online.

Raw material is collected from movie theaters, flea markets, friends and the internet. It is then sorted according to color, visibility and topic. Special tools are used to cut the desired shape. The temples feature a couple stills and are made from two pieces of stainless steel that are sandwiched and riveted together with film between them. The outer steel has a hole along the length of the temple which exposes the film.

Tipton Eyeworks developed a unique material in which confetti sized bits of film are laminated between sheets of acetate. A design patent has been applied for this material. The materials used for the Cinematique line are of the highest quality and are all custom-made. The temples are made of the Scandinavian stainless steel, the hinges are from Italy, the laminated plastic is from France and the design, manufacturing and assembly is done in Hungary. This new line was created in part to compliment our already existing Vinylize line which uses vinyl records. It is the pleasure of Tipton Eyeworks to have created a line in which each frame is as unique as each picture in a movie.