The Dino - Dante's guards at the Kunsthalle Budapest - The Throne

Gábor Miklós Szőke


1. The Dino

The Dino was made for the first Hungarian Wood Festival (2010), where the participating teams received a mile of slat to construct installations and sculptures for the festival.
Bringing together students from three universities, four supervised groups built vastly different structures in a week. The most popular piece was done by a group led by Gábor Miklós Szőke. The 17-meter long dinosaur was put together by adopting a spontaneous assembly method, screwing together planks of various sizes to shape the form as it was being built. The seventeen meter long Dino, as the most monumental sculpture of the festival, was also exhibited during the Design Week Budapest 2010 in the Gödör.

2. Dante's guards at the Kunsthalle Budapest

Sometime somewhere in the in the remotest corner of the Universe, on a livable or unlivable planet, a Doberman called Dante established an empire. This conqueror, furnished with incredible skills and abilities, conquered practically the whole universe in an astonishing blink of an eye. Dante, Gábor Szőke Milós' 4 years old Doberman, is recurring muse for him, the originator and omnipotent master of Dante cult. The stories of the life and reign of Dante become reality via sculptures, paintings and installations. Gábor Miklós Szőke’s two 4 meter high statues were guarding the entrance of the Budapest Art Fair in 2010.

3. The Throne

This installation stands as a monumental totem of The Chair, our most basic piece of furniture. The superior, divine chair is the throne of Nature, the mightiest Lord of all. Its purpose is to summon the power of its master. This throne with a height over 5 meters was made of countless pieces of slat. Its body also comprises of found wooden objects and furniture pieces, pieces that ended up in th artist's posession either by mistake or deliberately. They will now be given a new purpose as the neverending, rolling slat-river surrounds and consumes them. Every part was dipped into white enamel, thus uniting the individual characteristics of the previously separate pieces. Humans are not able to sit on the Throne of this godlike creature, however they can stay under its sheltering legs.