CO&CO Communication Design Team


Corner-Contact Dice, COCODICE, is a logical system composed by new generation dice. The dice, though it has been used in many games and been dressed in many appearances during its long history, has not essentially been changed. This is the first time it undergoes an actual product development.

In fact, Cocodice is a brand new spatial developer game, an amazing combination of luck and strategy. Its profile is developed the way that the values are not on the faces but on its edges, thus achieving the basic concept of most logical games (Domino, Mah-Jong, Sudoku, Rubik’s Cube, etc.) and the interference of the edges and corners of the building blocks or game blocks.

This instrument lays the elements of content, application, animation, development of abilities and much more, the logical games’ own, in a very new aspect. Common feature of the games is that every single game exploits the redefined notation system of Cocodice compared to the conventional dice. Cocodice is not barely a tool for random draw, although it may be used as a conventional dice as well, but the games primarily require matching the markings of the edges according to the game strategy.

Based on the structure and the rules of the game (developer instructions), even children aged 4 or 5 can play it. Beside being a playful tool, up to the age of 10 to 12 it serves as developer tool for several age groups, for grown-ups it may be an interesting and amusing pastime, up to the age of 90 or more.

This game line has been developed and designed by the team of Co&Co with a recipient approach, therefore COCODICE is an accessible game for asthenopic people. Incisions can be easily recognized, both sighted and asthenopic people play the dice together.

In childhood it supports learning depth perception, the major and later the fine motor movements, practicing the knowledge of mirror image (when learning alphabetical writing it helps preventing mirror writing and the confusion of letters, like db, qp, E3, etc.), and it may serve as a combinatorial, logical and arithmetical partial developer tool as well.

The little magnetic dice, the bigger pouffes for children and the square pouffes of 40 cm edges for grown-ups that may serve as seats worth forming part of a demanding interior, represent the developer brand COCODICE uniformly. The Cocodice product won the worldwide biggest acknowledgement in design, the Red Dot Design Award, in 2011.

The developer team believes that it may create value, the joy of playing and enthusiastic improvement, integration, the dice of the asthenopic people, therefore an important product on the market of developer games.

Cocodice is expected to be put on market in 2011. With this acknowledgement Cocodice obtained the right to use the label of Red Dot for the entire life cycle of the product line.