Noisy Coat

Adel Kovács, Anett Hajdú, Eduárd Sik, László Kiss, Szandra Hofstädter, Teréz Havancsák


The basic idea of Nois Coat is a synergy of fashion, communicative arts and technology.

The “K E P P showroom” designers’ goal was to create an interactive installation for the 2010 Design Week in October.

The Noisy Coat hides sensors in various locations and the random or choreographed dance moves of the model triggers the different sounds -with the help of a specifically designed software only for this purpose. The sounds of the actual, functioning “K E P P showroom” were recorded, such as the sewing machine’s clicking, the steamer’s whistle, the scissors’ sharp metallic cutting noise, subtle papertossing sound, the doorbell ringing…as the model wearing the dress makes moves or dances, the “sounddress” comes to life and randomly plays the previously listed familiar K E P P sounds, noises.

In this project the K E P P showroom has not only created an intelligent garment material that utilizes technology, touching musical and dance choreography elements but ultimately has achieved to create a random, improvisational process synergetically combining roles of fashion design, informational technology and media design. The sound technology of the “sounddress” was provided by László Kiss, media designer; the electronic aspect was fulfilled by Eduard Sik, informational technology designer; the “Kitchen Budapest” media laboratory’s technicians were helping hands in the project, while the dancing, the actual sound creation was done by Bernadett Jobbágy, dancer.