IKEA e-Folder set



Challenge: To communicate online that IKEA wants to help people organize their living spaces with its smart storage systems and organizers.

Strategy: We wanted to integrate the products into a simple, downloadable content that allows people to experience the advantages of IKEA organizers.

We created the IKEA e-Folder set, a downloadable icon set that helps people get organized. They can change their folders into IKEA organizers and arrange them neatly on the background EXPEDIT to create a transparent space.

Results: Since the beginning of the campaign over 90 000 unique people downloaded the e-Folder set from the websites of IKEA Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. What's more, the Canadian IKEA has already purchased the rights for the e-Folder set, and other IKEA countries are also in the line.

Creative Directors: Sandor Haszon, Alex Szenassy; Art Directors: Diana Pusztai, Sandor Haszon; Copywriter: Judit Kun; Illustrator: Peter Muka; Developer: Gergely Muka