’Moquu – photo schratcher’ applications for the iPhone and iPad

Carnation Group (Gergely Borbás innovation designer; Gábor Suhajda creative developer; András Nagy project manager; Krisztián Tóth creative director)


Do you remember animated GIFs or the funny flip book animations? The opportunities in animated pics / photos got completely revaluated, thanks to the quick popularization of touch screen and other – mainly mobile – photo-recorder devices (and of course Tumblr and other tablet magazines like Wired, Story, etc).

• Moquu is an interactive photo sequence creator application optimized for iPhone / iPad devices to capture & edit mini photo-stories, which can be activated by cursor / a tap.

• Moquu uses your iPad / iPhone screen as a flash in the dark to create special Hollywood-like light effects on your sunglasses!

• Our pre-installed Decision Maker Randomizer toolkit and other thought-provoking ‘moquus’ are inspiring users to make their first photo-sequences (animated storyboards, 360 ° panorama photos, stop-motion shorts – all to encourage creativity).

• These mini stories (moquus) can be fine-tuned with our ‘moquu’ editor frame-by-frame and cool visual effects can be added, too. Sharing on social networks is dead simple.

• Using Moquu is quite easy thanks to the intuitive UI – but for dummies, we created a stunning little guide with explanations + illustrations for every screens. Check it!

• The final UI evolved through many phases and tests from the initial mockups: we are photographers too and we needed to fine-tune the interface many times. E.g. the expose button adapts to our fingers; when the device is rotated, an arrow helps us to locate the rear camera [it’s not in the middle!]; bigger touch screens and many other delicacy are incorporated into the app.

• ’Moquu – photo scratcher” is the first photo app optimized for the iPad2 in the whole world which uses both front and rear cameras of the tablet! To satisfy a popular request, we launched an even funkier iPhone app one month later.

• Pride time: in the Hungarian Apple AppStore (photography category) Moquu conquered the first place for a couple of weeks – just ahead of Adobe Photoshop Express (see attached!)

Moquu got downloads from 76 countries by now, we continuously develop the apps based on the feedbacks of our users – we’re working on a new update right now, too ☺

Download Moquu here:
iPad app: http://bit.ly/GetMoquu
iPhone app: http://bit.ly/Moquu4iPhone

Oh, did we mention? The app is for free + developed entirely by Hungarians! ☺