The Image Of The Buso Festival

Tibor Tatai


While I was designing The Image Of The Buso Festival I paid high attention to the event’s origin and style therefore I used elements from the local folk art. I took the motifs from the busos’ richly decorated clothes, their inside out sheepskin coats and their everyday tools and shifted them into The Image.

The sheepskin coats – worn by the ethnic Croats - were originally made by Hungarian and ethnic German tanners. Thus a unique composition was created which also symbolizes the union of these three nations (of The Hungarians, the ethnic Germans and the ethnic Croats). I built the buso characters and their surrounding atmosphere the way one would build a jigsaw puzzle. I took inspiration for my characters’ masks from the collection of masks of the Kanizsai Dorottya Museum (Mohacs). The frequently appearing rose motifs are a sun symbol and I used them to represent the origin of this tradition that is to say farewell to winter and welcome spring. The colours were also taken from the local, ethnic Croatian folk art. The ethnic Croats used black and red embroidery on white cloth and I also added claret to colour the masks and ochre for the sheepskin.

While creating the aspect I took into consideration the possibility of future expansibility and usage of the main system in other areas of the town’s touristic image (ie.: ecotourism). At the end the composition wasn’t required by the client – Mohacs town – and it ended up being used in my personal work instead.