Bagaboo identity

Graphic design: László Mihály Naske. Programming: Márton Borzák.


"For my final project I decided to redesign the identity of the company Bagaboo, a messenger bags manufacturer. At first I started to play around with the forms and tried to create a visual gag based on typographical experiments, but I found that it wasn’t tricky enough. So I adopted a different approach, one that I was much more satisfied with.

Given that the hallmark of the messenger bags manufacturer is to produce unique graphic patterns for their clients based on the combination of black and white, I did not want to tamper with this tradition by introducing new colours.

The basic concept on which my project is built is the sociopsychological aspect of Budapest traffic. As city traffic is quite dangerous, cyclists are forced to use their parapsychological skills to survive. I used the icons appearingon Zener-cards to express the irony inhibiting this issue. Thus, so as to tell them apart, each type of bag features a different card symbol." (László Mihály Naske)