Accessories of KEPP Fall/Winter 2011/12

Adel Kovács, Anett Hajdú, Szandra Hofstädter, Teréz Havancsák


The 2010/11 Fall-Winter Collection’s garments and accessories of the “K E P P showroom” invites for a discovery of nature’s secrets by tiny pieces of natural objects carefully placed as true treasures. The shoes’ hills are icicles that hold pebbles, small jewelry is hidden between the fibers of the imitation fur. The contrast between the naive natural and artificial worlds is reflected with the right utilization of the natural and artificial materials. The elegant, clean forms, the rigorously cut materials layered on top of each other create a complex look, while promoting a mysterious, intimate character. The combination of atypical solutions and unique techniques not only successfully reach high esthetic values but also achieve practicality and comfort. The delicate garments paired with the witty accessories give rise to a look that is elegant, bohemian at times, in touch with a deep feminine wisdom and nature, and fresh with a touch of playfulness.