Sandor Lakatos brand Collection of 2011

Sandor Lakatos


Sandor Lakatos is a men’s wear creator, fashion designer and concept improver of European quality; someone proud of his knowledge and the unique family heritage in his profession. He sewed his first piece at the age of six, having been introduced to the mystic world of this profession in the female outerwear manufacture of his grandparents where having been taught about high-quality. No surprise.

The key of his confidence in making his ideas a reality is his solid professional background and knowledge. A suit to be worn by eithera minister, or a rock star, a business man, a media or entertainment guru (Robert Verdi, Michael Musto) shows special elegance of high-fashion-gothic style reflected by each piece of him from the very beginning of his career, making his works unique and unmistakable. Since the brand Sandor Lakatos was born in 2005, the insolently young creator has achieved great success exhibiting in showrooms in London, being subject of several noisy photo shoots in New York.

At this time, his decadent collection of 2009 was praised by Tandem Magazine and Huffington Post – among others. Ever since, the brand has moved from extravagance to pure, organic and coherent forms. In his latest editions a futuristic black and white geometry replaces the androgen elements, which fact – obviously - do not exclude mingling feminine lines into the essence of masculine elegance, appearing in the shortness of a jacket sleeve or in opting for row material on a very sophisticated manner. The lovers of the brand Sandor Lakatos receive in 2011 what they got used to during the course of the previous years: long-lasting and ageless male fashion on the highest levels. This way his creations may attract men enjoying arrogantly modern, but still classical lines at the same time; men dedicated to wear quality products, high-end creations regardless to their age. As expected, the brand is aiming to travel around the capitals of fashion in 2011 as well, promoting the unique style of the creator, Sandor Lakatos in each corners of the world.