USE unused 2011 spring-summer collection

Eszter Füzes, Attila Godena-Juhász, András Tóth


The essential foundation of the USE philosophy is compiled by artistic thinking and approach. These two elements provide the courage, with which the USE questions, analyses and re-conceptualizes the world surrounding it. In this process the creators continuously reach back into classic forms and philosophy of the iconic decades of fashion history, namingly the 40s 50s 60s, and actualize them as well as coupling them with modern contemporary trends.
The idea of respecting tradition and heritage is both cosmopolitan and open, since it infuses different branches of fine arts into the creation process and builds upon stable and versatile professionalism. Having entered the international market, the USE still communicates that it cannot be deliberately cut out and taken from its environment, since it brings its dresses to life by using the cultural, geographical makings of central Europe. The female ideal of the brand cannot be categorized in age. However, a reserved yet erotic, sophisticated and feminine style appears with minimalist and clear-out color and form.
An important criterion is that the designers wish to create permanence and value in the world of fashion every half year, and this way, each collection presented by the brand does not only reflect upon the changes occurring in the world at high artistic and quality standards, but in the meantime uses classical values thus creating and representing consistency in its philosophy.