The downtown of Kozármisleny - The Building of Services

Gábor Veres DLA, Gabriella Medvegy, János Kis, László Perényi DLA, Ursula Jeszták, Balázs Pallós, László Brandmüller


The building is at the main part of Kozármisleny – opposite of the City Hall, what is an earlier work by the K.L.M.V. Group. We can say, we had a possibility to create a face of a nascent city center.

The structure of the ground floor is characterised by the free functional units, on its ground floor with a bank, bakery, a solarium studio, coffee, shops, and on the upper level there is a garage. The ground floor by his functions becomes for tree parts, the transit is free around the units. Surfaces are formed at the meeting of the opened functions and the free public spaces, what be transparent surfaces – the opened yard, the public space are going into the functions on the ground floor. It stay closed by the lined meetings, as a symbol of the quantity of the publicity. The flats on the first floor are in a varied structure, and with varied orientation property.

The completed form is definable in some known steps, what are in coherence with the functional property also; the body of the building is in a snaked base, there are two levels high opened cutting outs, and passages, there are two levels high pushed in surfaces, the framing appears, the one level high circle-running element is appearing in the loftplaces, the pushed in transparent surfaces are appearing, what are one level high, the roof is like a skin on the body.