Renewal of the ’48-as’ square in Pécs

Anna Mária Tamás, Krisztián Kovács-Andor


In the last few decades the ‘48-as’ Square was an existing but very neglected public space of Pécs. The rehabilitation and contemporary reinterpretation of the area became necessary, which was realized under the “Revival of public spaces and parks” projects as the part of the ‘Pécs2010 European Capital of Culture’ programme.

The square plays a threefold role in the life of the city. Firstly, it is a considerable green area, the condition of which has significantly deteriorated during the last few decades. Its main cause is that Highway Nr. 6, one of the busiest major roads, is located at the northern verge of the park. The primary purpose during planning was to filter its detrimental effects. We have created a 120 cm high noise barrier wall hidden by a green mound from the direction of the park; therefore the disagreeable smog, noise and visual impacts of the traffic have decreased significantly. The Faculties of Law and Economy, and the recently moved Rector’s Office of the University of Pécs are located around the square, thus the area functions as a campus park as well. Not in the last place, the monuments of Pécs associated with national holidays can also be found here, so the park has a commemorative function.

The composition of the park has been designed after the duality of the function. We tried to create as much green space as possible in the whole area, so a park articulated by soft, curving walkways has been developed where the principle of “Don’t keep off the grass” is applied. This organic bosket houses the “Square of Remembrance” with its stern and dignified conduct, where the Monument of 1956, the Millennium Monument, and the statue of poet Sándor Petőfi can be found. A water fountain also gained place here, the pleasant and playful water surface articulates the integrated paved square on weekdays. During holidays or feasts the fountain can be turned off easily, so that the square can function as an event area.