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    About the award

    Hg.hu Design Award is the first award in Hungary to to acknowledge unique, forward-looking present-day achievements of Hungarian designers, in five categories of creative work.

    Based on two main aspects, date (completed after 1 January 2010) and nationality, hg.hu Design Award is given in five categories: architecture, fashion, graphic design, interactive design and product design. The professional, comprehensive and impartial nature of the award is secured by a two-step process. First, nomination is made by a committee from Hungarian professionals, critics, journalists and teachers. Second, the final decision is made by an independent foreign Jury, based on the nominated selection.

    The winners and two Runner-ups of each category are presented to the public in an exhibit in the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, 6-16 October 2011, as part of the Budapest Design Week.

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    In the spring of 2011 we asked cca 40 Hungarian design experts to nominate the best domestic projects from the last 18 months. Based on these nominations we contacted the creators to compile and publish a comprehensive database of recent Hungarian design. This database is the basis for the work of the international jury. Nominating Committee

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    Hg.hu Design Award exhibition takes place in the Renaissance Hall of the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts (Heroes Square, Budapest), and open between 7 - 16 October 2011.